Monday, September 26, 2011

Squash & Pumpkin Harvest

This weekend we cleared our squash and pumpkin patch.  The leaves had mostly died back, exposing our crop to the mischievous.  A neighbor informed us that he had seen a pumpkin of ours smashed to bits a few days prior up the road and suggested we don't delay our harvest.  We took a close look and sure enough a good-sized pumpkin as well as two beautiful turban squashes were gone.  We weren't sad about the pumpkin, but the turban squash... we were looking forward to eating those.  One reason we grow pumpkins is to lure kids into taking those instead of the squash.  But, I guess the Turbans are just too irresistible for kids, or maybe even an adult gleaned them to enjoy.  We always knew that planting in the parking strip could be a challenge.  However, this is year three and the first time we've noticed anything taken without our consent, so I guess we can consider ourselves lucky.  

One more note about mischievous kids, our neighbor caught a young boy from across the street and his friend up in her yard rustling through her corn patch.  Upon asking them what they were doing, they promptly asked to have some corn.  They were denied.  Coincidentally, I spotted this same 11-year old boy a couple weeks ago riding his bike very slowly along our squash patch.  

Our big Humpkin
(Hubbard x Giant Pumpkin- we believe)

Final Count for 2011
2- Humpkins
5- Pumpkins (+1 stolen)
8- Buttercup
2- Butternut (+1 we ate)
1- Turban (+1 we ate) (+2 stolen)

While this is the smallest harvest we've had over the past three years, it should be more than plenty to eat over the fall.

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