Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Horto Beans

A new vegetable we tried growing this year is Horto Semi-Bush Beans because the picture on the
Ed Hume seed packet was really pretty. 

Dried Horto Beans

The flowers are a pretty light pink color.

The pods have pink striping that get brighter as the pod matures.  They add beautiful color to the garden.

The pod on the left is at the peak of brightness, just before it dries out and fades like the pod on the right.

A short three foot row of plants produced a bowl of dried beans.  The best part of these beans is that you plant them, keep them watered and wait for them to dry out before picking and shelling.  Super easy!  We'll store them in a jar until we're ready to cook them.  I can't wait to make a pot of Sausage, Bean and Kale Soup.

Next year we'll grow a lot more (if we like their flavor.)

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