Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 Winter Squash Count

 This weekend we harvested our Winter Squash and Pumpkin patch.  We would have waited another week for the squash to mature more, but for thievery.  The foliage had mostly died back and apparently somebody thinks it's okay to help themselves without asking.  They took at least two Sweet Meat, a couple Buttercup, and ALL FOUR of the Butternut Squash.  Bastard!  We know it happened sometime this past week because we had counted our Butternuts last weekend.  They would have had to really take some time to search for them and cut them.  On the positive side, no pumpkins were taken and smashed this year.  Overall, it was a great squash year.
The squash trellis made from branches was a success.  Amazingly two giant pumpkins grew suspended without any additional support. 

The squash trellis covered in foliage earlier this summer.

Definitely looks like fall!

Cinderella Pumpkins hanging on the trellis.

The biggest pumpkin- 42lbs!

The lineup!

Squash curing in the house before storage in the cellar.  This is the first year we've grown Spaghetti squash, Sweet Meat squash and Cinderella pumpkins.  All three produced really well.

The Final Squash/Pumpkin Count: 46

Buttercup- 5 (+2 stolen)
Butternut-0 (+4 stolen)
Sweet Meat- 6 (+2 stolen)
Spaghetti- 17
Turban- 3
Giant Pumpkin- 4
Regular Pumpkin- 3
Cinderella Pumpkin- 7
Jack Be Little- 1