Monday, September 19, 2011

Inspiring Gardening Videos

If you dreamed of growing an organic year-round edible garden... we found the best series of gardening videos on Youtube this weekend.  A british "organic fruit and veg gardening guru", Bunty, created informative videos that cover what she does in her garden for an entire gardening cycle- 18 months.  She videotaped in the garden every two weeks or so, so there are thirty-two videos to watch.

We watched a couple of her videos already and can't wait to watch all of them.  Unlike most people on youtube, Bunty, is an incredibly well-spoken and experienced gardener.  Watching her concisely deliver nuggets of valuable gardening advice while calmly demonstrating proven techniques is so motivating.  We've already gleaned some ideas to try out next year.  We can learn so much from British gardeners because their climate is similar to ours in the Puget Sound.

Here's a link to the her first video...  Bunty's Blog Early January 2010.  To see the rest of her videos in order.  Click on "Buntysblog" just under the video title and you will be linked to her youtube channel.  The list of videos will be on the right side of the screen.

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  1. Nice find. I watched a couple this morning. She does a good job. I will watch more for certain.