Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Bayou Gardener

Terry's favorite Youtube gardener is, Donald, aka webcajun, who has uploaded 112 videos on gardening in Louisiana.  These videos transport Terry back home, where the okra and watermelon are bountiful and gardening involves a tractor, sweet tea, a couple dogs, a spacious shop to keep all your equipment, and maybe a gun or two.

Webcajun, like Bunty (see previous post), fills his videos with lots of practical gardening tips, but he also has a number of videos showing how to process your harvest and cook some good ol' Southern food.  While some of his advice may not be applicable in our PNW climate, it is fun to see how other gardeners grow according to their conditions.

Check it out....  The Bayou Gardener
(Also, ignore all the weird recent gun posts...  his garden posts are much more fun.)

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