Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pea Trellis

For three years we planted pole peas along our permanent wood & metal hog panel trellis.  This year we decided to rotate our crops and plant them in a different spot.  This necessitated building new trellises.  We rummaged through our pile of salvaged wood, but didn't find anything suitable, so headed to Lowes.  We bought three bundles of 2x2s and a roll of sisal twine.

Attaching the 2x2s was fairly easy.  We pre-drilled, to avoid splitting the wood.  We debated how to attach the strings.  We ended up running a horizontal string near the bottom.  We cut notches in the wood to keep the string from slipping up the post.  Then we looped string vertically.  It really helped to have two people to do this.  One of us was up on the ladder to pass it over the top wooden horizontal while one of us passed it under the bottom horizontal string.  This weaving took a long time because we had four trellises to do and the string kept getting tangled up.

When we were finally finished, it was neat to see how the trellises created vertical interest and framed the garden.  In several weeks, they will form walls of green and hopefully be producing lots of sugar snap goodness.        

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