Monday, May 21, 2012

Many Hands Make Light Work

Before Terry and I got involved with the community garden, we had the vision of neighbors helping neighbors create home vegetable gardens.  Two years ago, a former coworker and I decided to start meeting as an informal garden club as a way to stay in touch.  We were joined by a fellow community gardener and every couple months during the growing season we would gather to potluck, tour each other's gardens, and learn from each other.  This year, with everyone having busy schedules and big plans for their garden, we decided that rather than just eating and talking, we would help each other complete a project and the host would provide food.  

Yesterday, was the first project hosted by Jen and Butch.  The goal was to finish building their vegetable garden of raised beds and sheet mulch in between.  They had all the wood precut and all the Tagro and wood chips ready to go.  

With six of us working together, it only took a few hours to complete the project.  It was awesome to step back and see Jen's vision become a reality.  Afterwards we dined on delicious pulled pork tacos.

It's been really cool seeing how our three gardens are developing and how we're all growing as gardeners.  We're all trying out different techniques and have different priorities, so it's been fun learning from each other.

I'm looking forward to the next project at Cori and Matt's.  Later this summer, our host project may include canning and/or building a greenhouse.

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