Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who needs Sugar Cane when you can grow Sugar Beets

Have you ever thought about where your sugar comes from?  I hadn't, I assume because we were inundated by TV commercials as children.  Remember the jingle..."C&H, pure cane sugar, from Hawaii, sweetened by the sun"...?  Well Hawaii isn't very local, neither is any tropical region where sugar cane grows.

Last year, a friend of Terry's, told us about sugar beets and how his family grows them to make sweetener like our families did in the old country.  All three of us have some roots in Northern/Eastern Europe, so this was an "ah-ha moment".  He was able to give us a few sugar beets last fall to taste and they were super sweet, way more sweet than regular beets.  I could taste why they are cooked down for sweetener.  

Yesterday, he gave Terry a packet of Big Buck Blend Sugar Beet seeds from Millington Seed Co. in Michigan.  We are excited to give them a try.  If we can grow enough, maybe we can wean ourselves off of tropical sugar cane.  Wish us luck.

Click the link for more historical background information on Sugar Beets.    

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