Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beware of cat, my little veggies...

So, we transplanted a bunch of starts last weekend.  It's been five days and every veggie bed that we covered with plastic is looking good.  I was worried that the wind and cold would batter the tender sprouts that weren't covered.  Well....  The bed that we planted lettuce seeds in has kitty foot prints through it.  The bed in the parking strip in which we planted a row of brassica starts is in worse shape.  A start is missing and the neighboring starts are smooshed.  By the size of the footprints it looks like a doggie wallowed in the freshly turned soil.  So, either a dog is on the loose or someone walking their dog let it jump in the bed and wallow around.  Not my doggie, by the way.

So, the lesson here is dogs and cats like nice loose soil.  It's comfy to walk and lay in.  It's full of nice smells.  Therefore, it is helpful to put something to deter the animals around your vegetables.  This can include fencing, plastic, cloches or stakes.  Also, always plant a little more than you need.

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  1. I actually watched a neighbor let their leashed dog PEE on the broccoli in our parking strip. Lesson learned! We no longer plant any low growing edibles down there.