Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yellowjackets- a cabbage's friend

By keeping your eyes and ears open in the garden, you will discover the most amazing things...

Terry noticed that Yellowjackets were crawling around our cabbages.  He assumed they were looking for pockets of water collected in the leaves.  Then he saw one eating a cabbage worm.  That clump of green at the head of the yellowjacket is the worm.  

The yellowjacket has a chunk of worm flesh in his mouth.  There is the worm's head left on the leaf.  He finished it off later.

In other cabbage worm news...  I cleaned a bunch of veggies in the tub the other day.  That night when I was brushing my teeth.  I spied a little green cabbage worm crawling away on the wall.  I was thinking... this doesn't happen to normal people.     


  1. Nice action shots. It is nice of you to keep the wasp population well fed. And what did happen to that worm? Did you reward its fortitude with freedom?

  2. That worm went for a nice swim down the municipal sewer system. It may be back in the garden as TAGRO later this summer.