Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our first homegrown Cauliflower!

I read that some people tie the leaves up to cover the head.  I now know why.  When exposed to the sun, the head turns yellowish.  It's also important to pick it when the head is still nice and solid.  After awhile the curds separate.

After harvesting the head it is good to soak it in a bowl of water to encourage the cabbage worms to crawl out of it before you store it in the refrigerator.
Be sure to ham it up for photos before you eat it.

Shortly after the photo was taken, we chopped it up, steamed it, and ate it.  Yum!

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  1. That's a beauty! Cauliflower scares me for some reason - the growing, not the eating. There are some starts that are looking good, so I am going to have to face my fear of small, yellow curds.