Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Planting Potatoes 2011

We started planting potatoes last weekend.  Last year, we planted potatoes almost one month earlier, but the weather has been a lot cooler this year.  While we have been waiting to plant, the potatoes from last year's harvest were sprouting wildly in their bags in the basement.

 We had some leftover russets, russian fingerlings, purples and a few reds.  Since the old potatoes were ready to go, we decided to focus on getting them planted.

We also wanted to grow more reds and golds, so we went to Gardensphere to see what they got in.  We bought German Butterball, Yukon Gem, Russet Burbank, Red Sunset and Chieftain.  We put them in the basement to let them sprout a little before we plant them.  We'll plant them in a few weeks or so.

We're planting the potatoes in a different bed this year than last in order to "rotate" our crops.  Terry dug trenches. 

I snuggled the potatoes into the bottom of the trench.  

I tossed in a little all purpose fertilizer and covered them a few inches.  As they grow up, we will hill soil around the tops.  


  1. I'd gladly pay you on Tuesday for a potato today. ;)

  2. I, too, had potatoes going wild. Weather depending I hope to get them in the ground tomorrow or later this week. I like your idea of letting them sit and start to grow before planting. I have some fingerlings I purchased recently that are sitting in the garage and just starting to sprout.