Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Seedlings are Growing

We planted a bunch of seeds on February 20.  This is what they look like now, almost a month later.  A bit leggy from reaching for the elusive sun.  As they get bigger, we'll start thinning them out down to one or two per cup.  Also when they are less fragile, we may divide and transplant some in order to bury them a bit deeper.  You can transplant them into soil up to their first set of real leaves, so that their stems will become strong.

We also have started adding fertilizer to their water.  Most potting mixes don't contain the nutrients the sprouts will need to keep growing well.  (We learned the hard way a couple years ago when everything stunted and looked sickly yellow.)

It's not too late to get your seeds started.  If you want to grow tomatoes from seeds, you really need to start now.  It's predicted to be a below average temperature year, so invest in short-season varieties that do well in the PNW and cooler climates.

Happy Planting!

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