Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Touch of Spring Indoors- Forcing Blooms

While our kitchen garden is still in its winter state, we go about catching up on other chores around the garden.  A couple weeks ago we started pruning back the "thicket" of old-fashioned flowering shrubs that grow along our alley.  The stems of the forsythia were full of swollen buds and I couldn't bear to just toss the sticks into the yard waste.  I filled up a bucket of water and soon filled the bucket with branches.  I wanted to start making arrangements right away, but my dear husband reminded me that we still had a pruning job to finish.

That afternoon I took the branches inside and filled a couple of vases.  Slowly over the next week, the warmth of being in the house forced the branches to flower.  The bright yellow blooms brought a punch of spring sunshine into our home.

There are a number of other plants that this works well with including Flowering Quince, Pussy Willow and Flowering Plum.

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