Friday, February 4, 2011

Signs of Life in the Garden

I'm always amazed how much life there is in the garden in the winter.  

Mache aka Corn Salad aka Lamb's Lettuce

A couple years ago, we planted mache in the metal trough.  We let it flower and the seeds fell into the gravel.  Last year, the seeds sprouted and we let the volunteers grow naturally.  Now there is a carpet of it by the fence.  In a kitchen garden, you can let some plants go wild, so you don't have to do any work except harvest.    

The chives are coming back from last year.

The parsley seed itself last year in the metal trough.  Lots of baby parsley sprouted in January.  

The autumn blue scotch kale still looks good.

The savoy cabbage survived the cold weather and may actually form a nice head.

Some of the lettuce we planted in the fall survived and is growing again.

Rutabagas and Turnips are going strong.




Evergreen bunching onions are starting to flower.

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