Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mid- July Garden Update

Many of our cool season crops are winding down.  Peas are slowing down and getting powdery mildew.  Turnip, Beets and Kohlrabi are starting to bolt and need to be picked and processed.  Some cabbage heads are ready.  Carrots are ready to harvest.  Garlic is ready.  And we've been picking onions as we need them.  It won't be long and they will mature and be ready to store.  This weekend, some of the beds will look empty as we harvest out a bunch of stuff and plant a new round of cool season crops for fall harvest.

Our first and only birdhouse gourd plant is starting to flower.

Winter squash & pumpkins are growing rapidly now except for the butternut squash which is always slow to get going.

Terry is admiring his corn patch.

Tassels are emerging on the early planting of Trinity corn.

Dahlias are blooming nicely.

The vegetative growth on the early gold potatoes is dying back.  

The artichokes plants add texture to an otherwise floriferous display of calendula, nasturtiums, and dahlias.

Can't wait for the warm season crops to start producing.  I'm looking forward to tomatoes, summer squash, eggplants, corn and peppers.

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