Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today's Harvest

This day's harvest is why we garden...  fresh peas are the best treat ever!  I love how you can eat them raw, steam them a little, or freeze them.  Fava Beans are easy to shell and toss in the freezer.  And garlic is super easy to dry and stores a long time.  Our goal this year is to grow enough to store and rather than pig out on everything as we pick it, set some aside for later.  We're on our way.  

Fava Beans

Shelled Fava Beans

I just keep adding to the freezer bag as more fava bean pods mature.

Shelling Peas

Snow Peas

Sugar Snap Peas


Hey, can anyone recommend a good juicer?
Also, has anyone else noticed that brown aphids are in abundance this year?


  1. Juicer or whole food blender? We recently ditched our juicer for a blender powerful enough to grind food whole down to juice. Most all the nutrients are in the pulp and skin. Our juicer was a Champion and we did like it but like all juicers it is a pain to clean. We just got a Blendtec blender and so far love the way you can grind the whole fruit/veggie down into a drink (just add water to thin).

    1. I never heard of a whole food blender before. We just started thinking about juicing, so we haven't done any research yet hoping someone else already had it all figured out. Maybe you can show me your blender sometime and tell me what kinds of veggies work well for blending. Thanks!