Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cold Frame

I really really really want a greenhouse.  A little garden retreat that will heat up on those sunny winter and early spring days.  A place where I can work with my seedlings even when it's raining.  

Over the winter we debated where we could build one in the garden and whether to design a combination greenhouse/chicken coop.  The debate continues, so in order to move some of our starts out of the dining room, we built a little cold frame out of salvaged materials we had taking up space in the basement.

We placed a number of our starts in the cold frame.  We moved out what we thought were the most cold tolerant starts- cilantro, parsley, artichokes, and zinnias.  We also moved out a couple tomatoes starts as a test.  If this cold frame design works out okay over the next couple of weeks, we'll build one or two more.

Now, if it were just big enough for me to crawl inside and be toasty warm, I'd be happy.

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  1. My greenhouse came in at about $400 after I bought the actual kit, the base pieces and the gravel for inside. I built the benches out of scrap wood and pallets that I got for free from the shop.

    I also have a makeshift polytunnel on one of my raised beds that I use for hardening off stuff and to make space for other stuff in the greenhouse. My greenhouse is 6x8 and I can't remember how many flats it holds, 16-20? I also overwinter my fuchsias in there and store all of my extra smaller pots and a 15 gallon bucket of potting soil. You should stop over and see it someday. It's a great little setup.