Friday, March 16, 2012

Planting March 2012

 We finally got into the mood to plant, which is considerably later than usual.  Last weekend, we cleaned out the beds, and topped them off with some fresh Tagro Potting Soil.  Keeping in mind crop rotation, we drew up a plan, organized our seeds and planted away.

Seed List:
Cauliflower- Early Snowball
Peas- Super Sugar Snap, Sugar Snap, Dakota, Oregon Sugar Pod
Cabbage- Early Jersey, Red Acre
Chinese Cabbage- Winter Elf
Beets- Chioggia, Cylindrical, Golden, Winterkeeper
Carrots- Scarlet Nantes
Radish- White Icicle, Easter Egg II, French Breakfast
Turnip- Purple Top
Rutabaga- American Purple Top
Parsley- Italian
Onion- Evergreen Bunching


Every year we like to try something new... this year I finally convinced my dear husband to dedicate part of a raised bed to Asparagus.  I've wanted to grow Asparagus to give us something fresh to pick during the late Winter/Early Spring period.  Neither of us have ever grown it before, so I'm super excited to see how it goes.  I purchased five 'Jersey Knight' crowns at Portland Avenue Nursery and they kindly had planting instructions to take home as well.  With luck, we'll be eating homegrown Asparagus in 2-3 years.  Gardening definitely teaches one patience.    

Asparagus Crowns

Mr. Slug is ready to feast on some Chard.

Next on our garden to do list is to start our indoor seeds and prepare beds for potatoes and onion sets.

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