Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Birdie in the Tree

We spotted a beautiful bird in our peach tree this past Saturday as we were hanging out in the garden.  We looked it up in a bird field guide, it was a Western Tanager.  It had an orange head, yellow body, and black wings.  It only stayed out for a minute or so and flew away.

We have a garden because we love growing things and I appreciate the colors, forms, and textures of the plant world.  When I developed a plan for the garden, I never really gave much thought to the how it would be appreciated by the animal kingdom.

As the garden has grown, we have really enjoyed watching and listening to our feathered visitors.  We marvel at the diversity of bees and other insects.  We've watched hundreds of worms mating in the moonlight.  There have been so many wondrous moments in our garden and the more we sit, look, and listen, the more we are become aware of.  

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